The Advantages of the FreeChatWidget Service

Super Fast Chat

Our chat room is relatime and faster than irc and other chats.

Free and without limits

This free chat room widget doesn't have any limitations.

Fast and economical

Due to the asynchronous architecture, messages are delivered quickly, chat does not consume a lot of bandwidth and slows down loading of your website.

Get Admin Panel

Freechatwidget comes with admin panel so you can change every setting from it.

Always available & DDOS Protected

Due to geographical distribution service will continue to work even when local disasters and ddos is blocked by our great firewall.

The huge number of customization

You can change everything from chat room panel.

Save income

This chat room is free chat you can save money by use Freechatwidget chat room service.

Convenient rooms and privates

In the chat room, you can create and communicate in private, seeing read your message or not.

You will love it

Keeps the audience of your site and create new social relationships.

DDOS Protection

DDOS Protection of Freechatwidget

Freechatwidget closely mitigates DDoS attacks in the background to help keep our chat service safe. Our local firewalls are being continuously monitored to detect and rectify any possible attacks. In fact, we have built an entirely custom infrastructure of firewalls just to handle DDoS mitigations. This will ensure that our chat room users don’t incur any downtime.

Mitigation Time

It takes a few seconds to determine the attack type to mitigate. Once mitigated, it continues to protect us from that particular type of attack for the entire session. Because of the varying nature of DDoS attacks, there is no such thing as “instant” filtering.

Currently the fastest DDoS mitigation in the world is about 10 seconds. Some very complex attacks may take up to 90 seconds before they are blocked.

Our industry leading DDoS prevention technology is among the fastest in world, and is fully equipped to handle all types of traffic.

Create chat room for your website?


1- Make a account on this website than login it.
2- Enter name of the chat room you want to create.
3- After save you successfully created chat room for your website!.

Mobile Responsive Free Secure Chat Room For Your Website!

Fast Realtime Chat

This chat widget is very fast and realtime chat you can feel the speed when you will use it.

Deep Customization

You can customize chat room according to your needs even you can make ranks and allow them permissions what they can do.

DDOS Protected

This chat widget is protected by advanced L7 L4 L3 own firewall system.

Responsive Design

This chat room have responsible design it it very mobile friendly.